Senedd debate highlights ‘hugely positive’ Spending Review

Welsh Conservatives last week led a Senedd debate on the UK government’s Spending Review, highlighting both a guarantee on Welsh funding and a rise in capital spending by over 900 million pounds.

The Chancellor’s statement also included further detail on a Cardiff City Deal and a commitment to devolve powers over income tax to Wales, boosting Welsh government accountability:

Welsh Conservative Motion for Debate:

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales

1. Notes the UK Government's spending review and autumn statement;

2. Welcomes the introduction of a Barnett Floor at 115 per cent of comparable spending per head in England; and

3. Notes that capital spending in Wales will rise by over £900 million. During the debate, Welsh Conservatives also questioned the UK government’s decision to reduce funding for S4C. The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives is expected to meet the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the coming weeks and the Shadow Minister for Culture will also correspond with the department on this issue.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Nick Ramsay AM, led the debate. He said: “The Chancellor’s delivered a hugely positive spending review that will benefit communities the length and breadth of Wales.

“If used appropriately, an additional 900 million pounds in capital funds will have a significant impact and a deal on a funding guarantee will ensure our country is not short-changed.

“With further support for a Cardiff City Deal and a major uplift in the state pension, this review will benefit everyone in Wales and I am glad Assembly Members have the chance to debate it in the Senedd.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture and Heritage, Suzy Davies AM, added: “While there’s no doubt Wales will benefit tremendously from this spending review, we do not agree with the planned reduction in S4C’s budget.

“Over the coming weeks Welsh Conservatives will liaise closely with the UK government and I remain hopeful that these proposals can be amended.”