Out & About | Ar Grwydr

Find up to date information about just a few of my meetings, visits, and the work that I am doing each week around South Wales West and in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Please do get in touch if you have anything going on that you would like me, or a member of my team, to attend.

Fe ffindiwch gwyboaeth cyfoes am ychydig o'n cyfarfodydd, ymweliadau, a'r gwaith yr wyf yn gwneud bob wythnos o amgylch De Orllewin Cymru ac yn y Senedd ym Mae Caerdydd. Fe allwch gysylltu os mae unrhywbeth yn mynd ymlaen os ydych eisiau i mi, neu aeold o fy nhîm, i fynychu.


Out & About: 13 - 19 May

Monday 13th May: Suzy is meeting residents in Cornelly to discuss the plans by Welsh Labour, Plaid Cymru, and Welsh Lib Dem AMs to give prisoners in Wales the vote
Tuesday 14th May: Having heard from a number of residents and businesses in Bridgend about issues with broadband, Suzy is meeting Welsh Government's Deputy Minister for Economy to raise these concerns with him

Out & About: 29 April - 5 May

Wednesday 1st May: In her role as Shadow Minister for Education, Suzy will be asking questions of the Welsh Government's Education Minister

Out & About: 1 - 7 April

Thursday 4th April: Suzy is chairing part of the Policy Forum for Wales' discussion on the Swansea Bay City Region which will focus on what needs to happen next for the project to be a success for local residents and businesses

Out & About: 25 - 31 March

Monday 25th March: Suzy is taking part in the Assembly's Brexit Committee and will be scrutinising the First Minister on his Brexit policies and work

Out & About: 18 - 24 March

Monday 18th March: Suzy is meeting with the Wales men rugby team following their 2019 Six Nations Grand Slam victory
Thursday 21st March: Suzy is meeting with South Wales West business representatives in Swansea to discuss the Swansea Bay City Region Deal and how businesses can be further supported

Out & About: 11 - 17 March

Tuesday 12th March: Suzy is holding meetings about making sure taxpayers' money is better spent locally in the NHS
Friday 15th March: Suzy is taking part in a Question Time event for young people in Neath Port Talbot

Out & About: 4 - 10 March

Tuesday 5th March: Suzy is holding meetings about the Swansea Parkway and the importance of transport to the Swansea Bay Region City Deal

Out & About: 18 - 24 February

Tuesday 19th February: Suzy is meeting with business representatives from across South Wales to discuss the Swansea Bay City Deal and the role that businesses can have in helping the project

Out & About: 11 - 17 February

Friday 15th February: Suzy is meeting with Barclays Bank to discuss their news that they plan to close their Porthcawl branch later this year

Out & About: 4 - 10 February

Thursday 7th February: Suzy is visiting a school and, following this, is holding more talks with Education groups