Out & About | Ar Grwydr

Find up to date information about just a few of my meetings, visits, and the work that I am doing each week around South Wales West and in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Please do get in touch if you have anything going on that you would like me, or a member of my team, to attend.

Fe ffindiwch gwyboaeth cyfoes am ychydig o'n cyfarfodydd, ymweliadau, a'r gwaith yr wyf yn gwneud bob wythnos o amgylch De Orllewin Cymru ac yn y Senedd ym Mae Caerdydd. Fe allwch gysylltu os mae unrhywbeth yn mynd ymlaen os ydych eisiau i mi, neu aeold o fy nhîm, i fynychu.


Out & About: 9 - 15 December

Thursday 12th December: Suzy will be taking part in BBC Wales and S4C's General Election 2019 coverage throughout the night

Out & About: 2 - 8 December

Friday 6th December: Suzy is meeting with Bridgend Carers Centre in her region of South Wales West

Out & About: 25 November - 1 December

Wednesday 27th November: Suzy is raising questions with Welsh Government's Education Minister in her role as Shadow Education Minister

Out & About: 11 - 17 November

Tuesday 12th November: In her role as Shadow Education Minister, Suzy is meeting with university student representatives to discuss university policies

Out & About: 4 - 10 November

Tuesday 5th November: Suzy is meeting with the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services to discuss the Welsh Labour Government's proposed smacking ban and to explain why she opposes the new proposed law

Out & About: 21 - 27 October

Monday 21st October: Suzy is visiting a care home in Porthcawl in her South Wales West region

Out & About: 14 - 20 October

Monday 14th October: Suzy is meeting with broadcasters to discuss further the issues at Swansea's Singleton Hospital that have med to temporary closures of the Minor Injury Unit

Out & About: 7 - 13 October

Monday 7th October: Suzy is meeting Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, at the National Assembly

Out & About: 16 - 22 September

Monday 16th September: Suzy is attending the launch- taking place at Swansea Station- of Transport for Wales' plans to upgrade stations across Wales