Suzy's Endorsements | Cefnogi Suzy




Thank you to all our hard working members, activists, councillors, and candidates who have already endorsed me to be Welsh Conservative Leader.

If you would like to support me and my campaign you can contact me HERE

Below is a list of my endorsements to date.


Diolch i'n holl aelodau, gweithredwyr, cynghorwyr, ac ymgeiswyr gweithgar sydd wedi fy nghymeradwyo i fod yn Arweinydd y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig.

Os ydych chi eisiau cefnogi fi a’r ymgyrch, rydych chi’n gallu cysylltu â mi YMA

Isod mae rhestr o'm cymeradwyiadau hyd yma.


William Graham


Amanda Jenner


Morgan Brobyn


Myles Langstone


Mostyn Davies


Aniel Pucella


Luke Evetts


David Williams


Carolyn Webster


David Jones MP


Adrian Mason


Kathryn Cracknell


Sarah Atherton


Troy Tyler


Cameron Edwards


Mark Isherwood


Chris Harries


Valerie Ellis Campaigner, Vale of Glamorgan | Ymgyrchydd, Fro Morgannwg

We need a leader who works for their constituents and who understands the different concerns of people all over Wales; who is not afraid to challenge Welsh Government or, indeed, Westminster for the benefit of Wales and our economy; who is able to engage with our youth and elderly alike; who seeks clarity on the leadership role an end confusion for member. Only Suzy can do that in my opinion, which is why I’m backing her bid to be Leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

Val Ellis


Cllr Lyn Walters Oldcastle Ward, Bridgend | Ward Oldcastle, Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr

Suzy is definitely the right person to lead the Welsh Conservatives. Her passion and commitment for driving change makes her the best person at this critical time for Wales.

Lyn Walters


Cllr Kay Rowlands Brackla Ward, Bridgend | Ward Brackla, Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr

Suzy is an incredibly hard working and dedicated Welsh Conservative and I am delighted to be supporting her in the comping leadership election. Suzy’s determination, strong will, and care for people will no doubt be recognised by members of the party when they decide where to put their crosses.

Kay Rowlands


Julian John Founder of Delsion

I’m delighted that Suzy is standing for Conservative leader. Suzy has shown us so much support and is at the forefront of the Disability Confident campaign in Wales.

Julian John


Cllr Matthew Voisey Deputy Leader of Welsh Conservative Group, Bridgend Council | Dirprwy Arweinydd Grŵp Ceidwadwyr Cymreig, Cyngor Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Suzy would make a great Leader of the Welsh Conservatives: she has the experience and determination to secure real change, not just politically, but in people’s everyday lives, exemplified in her work in South Wales West.

Matthew Voisey


Cllr Chris Peters-Bond Kidwelly Community Council | Cyngor Cymuned Cydweli

I know first-hand as a Welsh Conservative Community Councillor that working together with other parties is only way to achieve real change at community level. I believe Suzy will bring this pragmatic approach to national politics which is why I'm backing Suzy for leader.

Chris Peters Bond


Emma Wilde Hale Activist, Montgomeryshire | Actifydd, Sir Drefaldwyn

Suzy Davies offers the best possibility for real change & has an amazing ability to connect with people & her enthusiasm & determination has helped fuel my recently reacquainted passion for politics.

Emma Hale


Craig Lawton Former Parliamentary and Assembly candidate for Swansea West Cyn-ymgeisydd Seneddol a Cynulliad ar gyfer Gorllewin Abertawe

Suzy has always given huge amounts of support to me and our other candidates and activists at all levels of the Party.

She is someone who understands how important it is to support our voluntary Party both when campaigning and when developing policy.

Suzy has the drive and determination to lead us, not only as Leader of the Opposition, but as a Welsh Conservative First Minister.

It is for these reasons in particular that I am backing Suzy Davies for leader.

Craig Lawton



Michelle Phillips Welsh Conservative 2015 General Election candidate for Anglesey | Ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2015 ar gyfer Ynys Mon

I’ve voted for Suzy because of her ability to listen, bring people together and challenge old prejudices about what Conservatives stand for.

She understands that we need a strong economy to pay for better public services and that compassion and ambition are two sides of the same coin.

Michelle Phillips


Selaine Saxby Welsh Conservative 2015 General Election candidate for Llanelli | Ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2015 ar gyfer Llanelli

Selaine Saxby


Cllr David Fouweather Conservative Association Chairman and former Mayor, Newport | Cadeirydd Gymdeithas Geidwadol a cyn-Faer, Casnewydd

I have decided that I will be supporting Suzy Davies for leader of the Conservatives in Wales. She is an AM with a vision for Wales and the Party, who will make a great First Minister.

David Fouweather


Kevin Weston North Wales Activist & Chair of Lupus UK | Actifydd yng Ngogledd Cymru & Cadeirydd Lupus UK

Following her performance at the North Wales hustings, I am convinced Suzy is the best person to take our party forward.

It would be great to have women at the helm of our Party at UK, Scottish, and Welsh level – and I know Suzy is a woman not for turning. Well done Suzy – I am proud to back you.

Kevin Weston


Huw Davies Activist, Newport | Actifydd, Casnewydd

I saw Suzy perform magnificently at the Newport hustings and summed up why I’m backing her for leader.

Her answers were direct and straight to the point. I have also seen her out on the doorsteps reaching out to people across society. I’m happy to give her my support for leader.

Huw Davies


Cllr Antony Bertola Llandudno Town Council | Cyngor Dref Llandudno

I’m pleased that Suzy will be looking for more autonomy for our Party, whilst maintaining the share principles we have with the UK Party. That’s why I’m backing Suzy for leader.

Antony Bertola


Cllr William Thomas Newton Ward, Swansea | Ward Newton, Abertawe

I am pleased to be giving my support for Suzy Davies AM to become Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the upcoming contest.

Not only is Suzy extremely hard working and equipped to push our Party forward, but I believe Suzy would deliver a better future for Wales. 

Will Thomas


Cllr Thomas Parkhill Llanishen & Thornhill Ward, Cardiff | Ward Llanishen & Thornhill, Caerdydd

I am backing Suzy for Leader of the Welsh Conservatives as she has the personality to connect with people from different communities across Wales and the vision to be the first Welsh Conservative First Minister.

Tom Parkhill


Cllr Gwilym Williams President of Brecon & Radnorshire Association and Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservative Group, Powys Council | Llywydd Cymdeithas Brycheiniog & Sir Faesyfed a Dirprwy Arweinydd Grŵp Ceidwadol Cymru, Cyngor Powys

I campaigned with Suzy when she stood in Brecon & Radnorshire and saw how she was able to win over people in the towns as well as in the country. She set up Job Clubs.

People liked it that she got on with what she said she’d do, bringing others along with her, not just talking about it. I believe Suzy will make an excellent leader, and that’s why I’m supporting her.

Gwilym Williams


Cllr Sara Jones Llanover ward and Cabinet Member for Social Justice and Community Development | Ward Llanofer ac Aelod Cabinet dros Gyfiawnder Cymdeithasol a Datblygiad Cymunedol

Sara Jones


Janet Finch-Saunders AM/AC Welsh Conservative AM for Aberconwy | AC y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig ar gyfer Aberconwy

Janet Finch Saunders

Janet Finch Saunders


Sarah Atherton Welsh Conservative candidate for the 2017 Alyn & Deeside by election | Ymgeisydd y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig ar gyfer is-etholiad 2017 Alun a Glannau Dyfrdwy

Sarah Atherton


Steven Holmes Welsh Conservative campaigner and activist in Carmarthenshire | Ymgyrchydd y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig yn Sir Gaerfyrddin

Steve Holmes


Hilary Isherwood Former Welsh Conservative County Councillor in Flintshire | Cyn-Cynghorydd y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig yn Sir y Fflint

Hilary Isherwood


Ben Harris Monmouthshire Young Conservative Member | Aelod y Ceidwadwyr Ifanc yn Sir Fynwy

Ben Harris

Cllr Paul Pavia Larkfield ward, Monmouthshire | ward Larkfield, Sir Fynwy

Paul Pavia

Barbara Hughes 2016 Assembly candidate for North Wales | ymgeisydd y Cynulliad yn 2016 ar gyfer Gogledd Cymru

Barbara Hughes


Cllr Aniel Pucella Brackla ward, Bridgend | ward Brackla, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Aniel Pucella


Damian Bridgeman Disability Campaigner | Ymgyrchydd Anabledd

Damian Bridgeman


Dr Edward Yi He 2015 General Election candidate for Aberavon and 2016 Assembly candidate for South Wales West | Ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2015 ar gyfer Aberafan ac ymgeisydd y Cynulliad yn 2016 ar gyfer Gorllewin De Cymru

Edward Yi He


Cllr Jane Pratt Llanelly Hill ward, Monmouthshire | ward Llanelly Hill, Sir Fynwy

Jane Pratt


Cllr Leighton Rowlands Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan | Maer Bro Morgannwg

Leighton RowlandsLeighton Rowlands


Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd Mayals ward, Swansea Council | ward Mayals, Cyngor Abertawe

Linda Tyler-Lloyd


Louise Barham Conservative Dementia Campaigner | Ymgyrchydd Ceidwadol Dementia

Louise Barham


Orla Lowe 2017 General Election candidate for Neath | ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2017 ar gyfer Castell-nedd

Orla Lowe


Cllr Sadie Vidal 2017 General Election candidate for Aberavon and councillor for Litchard ward, Bridgend | ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2017 ar gyfer Aberafan a chynghorydd ward Litchard, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Sadie Vidal


Steve Davies 2017 General Election candidate for Llanelli | ymgeisydd yn yr Etholiad Cyffredinol 2017 ar gyfer Llanelli

Steve Davies


Cllr Tom Giffard Bridgend Conservatives Council Group Leader | Arweinydd Grwp Cyngor Ceidwadwyr Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Tom Giffard


Cllr Brigitte Rowlands Mawr Ward, Swansea Council | Ward Mawr, Cyngor Abertawe

Brigitte Rowlands


Cllr Sam Trask Beddau ward, Llantrisant Town Council | Ward Beddau, Cyngor Tref Llantrisant

Sam Trask


Havard Hughes 2017 General Election candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr | Ymgeisydd Etholiad Cyffredinol 2017 ar gyfer Dwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr

Havard Hughes


Cllr Lyn Hudson Heath ward, Cardiff Council | Ward Heath, Cyngor Caerdydd

Lyn Hudson


Cardiff University Conservatives | Ceidwadwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd

 Cardiff University Conservatives


Stephanie Whitehead Swansea Young Conservatives | Ceidwadwyr Ifanc Abertawe

Stephanie Whitehead


Cllr Russell Spencer-Downe Cowbridge Town Council | Cyngor Tref Cowbridge

Russell Spencer-Downe


Karen Robson 2017 General Election candidate for Bridgend | Ymgeisydd Etholiad Cyffredinol 2017 ar gyfer Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Karen Robson


Tyler Walsh Bridgend activist and former County Borough candidate | Gweithredwr Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr a chyn-ymgeisydd Bwrdeistref Sirol

Tyler Walsh


Genevieve Arblaster-Hulley activist in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr | Gweithredydd yn Nwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr

Genevieve A-H


Owen Meredith 2011 Assembly Election candidate for Caerphilly | Ymgeisydd Etholiad 2011 ar gyfer Caerffili

Owen Meredith